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Basic Training

Basic Training Series 2015
Basic Knoll Training Including 2:1 Coaching with Design Director, Ginger or Senior Designer, Dawn.
Price: $1,299.00

Product Specific

Knoll & Friends: Technology Options
Topics: Interpole, Power Cube, Horsepower, Pixel Tables, Power Modules, systems, other manufacturers
Price: $99.00
On The Fence: Currents & Antenna
Topics: Currents Fence, Antenna Fence, electrical, pricing.
Price: $99.00
Anchor & Friends: Storage Options
Topics: Anchor scope (credenzas, pedestals, work surface stackers & towers), blending storage.
Price: $99.00
Knoll Electrical: Eliminate the Shock Factor!
Topics: Knoll Power Systems, Selecting a Power System, Communicating to Electrician, Interpole/Antenna, System Electrical
Price: $99.00
Strange Product Requests and Applications
Topics: Uncommon panel and spine conditions, Dealing with unusual electrical, Addressing special storage requests, How to match competitor's design intent on bids.
Price: $99.00
Knoll Equity: A Blast From the Past
Topics: Panels, Connectors, Power, Worksurfaces, Worksurface Supports, Storage
Price: $99.00
Product Blending: The Do's and Don'ts of Product Blending
Topics: AutoStrada & Reff Panels, Series 2, Supports, Template, AutoStrada/Currents Spine & Fence, Screens & Modesty Panels
Price: $99.00

Project Specific

Reconfigurations: How to Make Lemonade with Lemons
Topics: Example, setting up drawing files, how to specify, CAP compare, tips & tricks.
Price: $99.00
Spec Checks: 10 Steps to Ensure Success
Topics: What items should be included in spec check packet, Who should complete a spec check, What items & details need to be spec checked, How to capture changes that are found during the spec check process.
Price: $99.00
Project Process: It Takes a Village
Topics: Typicals & CAP Standards, Panel Configurations, Panel Clusters, Naming Files/Elevations/Clusters, Reconfigurations, Dates, CC4 Files, Estimating Design Time, Dimensions for Electrical, Project Kick Off Meetings, Thinking Ahead to Install Plans
Price: $99.00
Bid Strategies: Hear It From an Expert
Topics: Value Engineering, Best Practices for Answering Bids, How to make the best use of Resources
Price: $99.00
Value Engineering: How to SLASH Prices and WIN!
Topics: Overview of Price Points, Product Blending to Lower Costs, Package Counts, How to Interpret Bid Documents and Come Up with the Lowest Cost Solution, Planning Ideas to Save Design Time
Price: $99.00
Specials: Simplifying & Accelerating the Custom Product Process
Topics: Where to Find Information on Knoll Exchange, Submit a Custom Product Request, Auto Price, Search for Previously Submitted or Archived Specials, Update Specials, Standard Specials, CAP Parts
Price: $99.00
Zero Punch Installs: With Special Guest Mr. Installation 2013!
Topics: Items to Coordinate, Critical Items to Note and Communicate, Important Items from an Installer's Point of View, Top 5 Things That Can Make a Job Succeed, Top 5 Overlooked Things that Hold up Jobs, Product Specific Items, Items to Watch Out For When Reconfiguring Product
Price: $99.00
Installation Documents Webinar: How to Get your Installer to be your Best Friend
Topics: Set Up a Project From the Beginning that Will Help During Installation, Critical Items to Call Out on Installation Plans, What to Include in Installation Packet, Formatting Options for Installation Packets
Price: $99.00


Advanced AutoCAD: Tips & Tricks
Topics: Point entry, Interfacing, References, Viewports, Layouts, Customizing
Price: $99.00
CAP Worksheet: Tips & Tricks
Topics: Global Options, CAP templates, Update against Worksheet, Copy/paste options, Find/Replace, Link Worksheet, Discount schedules, Reports, Adding attributes
Price: $99.00
Advanced Rendering: Latest & Greatest Techniques
Topics: Adjusting heights, Overwriting finishes, How to make custom finishes, New features, Window scenes.
Price: $99.00
Basic Rendering Techniques: Rendering Bling in the Spring
Topics: Create a Boundary, Open VI from a Drawing, Change Home View, Change and Apply Finishes, Add Accessories, See Elevation or Plan View, Change Flooring and Walls, Add Lighting, Run a Rendering, Create a Snapshot, Save Snapshot, What to do with Renderings Once Created, CAP Parts
Price: $99.00
Mo’ CAD/CAP Tips & Tricks Webinar: Working Smarter not Harder
Topics: CAP Parts, CAP Standards, Draw Schedule, Highlight by Part Number, Auto Hardware, Panel Builder, Option Clipboard, Find & Replace, Assign, Link Worksheets
Price: $99.00
Knoll Exchange and AutoCAD / CAP Customization
Topics: Where to find Supporting Info, Modifying CAP Designer Preferences, Modifying AutoCAD Settings, Modifying Desktop Themes and Fonts
Price: $99.00
Templates & X-refs Webinar: Tips to keep your hair from falling out!!!!
Topics: AutoCAD Templates, Xrefs, Worksheet Templates
Price: $99.00
Automation Center Webinar: Communicating in the Vertical Plane
Topics: Dividends Horizon Panel Elevations, Template Storage Elevations, AutoStrada/Currents Elevations
Price: $99.00
Presentation Webinar
Topics: 3D Drawings, Visual Impression, Attributes & Titleblocks, Layer Manager, CAP Reports
Price: $99.00

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